Trading Platforms

ForexBrokerInc. combines the unique functions of the MT4 with a fully synchronized Webtrader and Mobile Platform Application which will make sure that the markets are accessible at any remote location and from any type of personal computer. Our unique offering allows both PC and Mac users to reach out to the forex market through ForexBrokerInc's associated trading environments.

All our forex trading platforms are 100% synchronized meaning that orders opened by any of the 3 platforms can also be closed, adjusted or modified by any of the 3 platforms regardless if they were opened by a different platform from the one used to open the order.


Both Demo and Real Environment

All 3 platforms offered at Forexbrokerinc. are available to both real and demo account holders which can use one login and one password to use all trading facilities including all trading platforms and the members area where all trading activities can be performed.


MetaTrader 4 Desktop

MT4 Trader
  • EA Friendly
  • Full technical analysis with over 50 indicators and charting package
  • History database management, and historic data export/import
  • Guarantees full data back-up and security
  • Internal mailing system
  • Built in News



MetaTrader 4 Mobile

Mobile Trading Platform
  • One platform for all mobile devices
  • Compatible with Iphone, Ipad, Android, Blackberry, Nokia Symbian and Windows Mobile
  • Platform to download
  • Fully Synchronized with the FB Webtrader and FB MT4



About Forex Platforms

In online forex trading, traders and brokers communicate with each other by using a forex platform. This is a software application that allows both parties to do via PCs and the Internet what only a few years ago they might have been doing over the phone – getting trading prices, giving and executing buying and selling orders, and getting information about trends in the market. The software platform may consist of a number of modules, each module being designed to accomplish a particular part of the process.

Client software: the application that is installed on a trader’s PC, or that may be made available to the trader via a web browser interface for either a PC or a mobile telephone connection

Forex platforms for trading differ in the functionality they contain and the way that they are offered to traders and investors. Two brokers serving traders with the same underlying technology can “package” the platform in different ways. They may choose to provide the platform with all the functionality already available from the technology provider, limit some functionality to different kinds of forex accounts, or even extend the functionality with added value tools and features. They may also provide the same platform functionality, but with different levels of minimum deposit and spreads and different selections of currency pairs that can be traded.

Besides broker choices on what will be offered, forex platforms can differ in the way that they receive and process information, as well as the type of information they can handle.


Examples of differences are:

Information on spreads; some platforms accept streaming (real time) information from banks in order to offer tight bid/ask spreads and optimal trading liquidity
Types of assets handled; forex, contracts for difference (CFDs) and futures trading do not use the same set of platform functions as stocks and shares trading, for instance.


Examples of forex platform functionality

The information below concerns the trading interface seen by traders and investors. The management interface for brokers with functionality such as managing groups of traders, databases and financial products is also important, but of less direct impact on traders and investors.

Forex analysis capabilities: the advantages of software applications are their power and speed in processing data and presenting the results to traders in the interface screen. Forex platforms often offer a wide variety of tools for analysis (technical analysis indicators). What is important is whether they offer the tools you want for your personal forex trading strategy.

Presentation of information: traders vary in how they like to see information displayed on their forex platform screen. Being able to switch between different types of display such as bar charts, line charts or candlestick charts is one way of handling this.

Types of order available: opening and closing positions, of course, but also limit orders such as stop loss orders (closing the position if a certain level of loss is reached) are a minimum for forex platforms.

Trading statistics: information on open trades, historical data on closed trades and account balance are some of the basics. Like technical indicators, the trading statistics do not necessarily have to be very extensive; they simply need to provide you with the right information to help your trading.

Ease of use: besides the screen layout, ease of use of forex platforms also covers aspects like the number of clicks a trader needs to accomplish particular actions (the less clicks the better), online help and/or tutorials on how to use the platform, audible alerts and Multilanguage suppor

Automation possibilities: scripts, wizards, automated actions triggered by conditions, and application programming interfaces (APIs) are all part of the capabilities of different platforms. Platforms using the Financial Information exchange (“FIX”) protocol for example can then handle streaming data rapidly and safely and offer traders STP (Straight Through Processing), which reduces the trade settlement time significantly.

In addition to these functionalities, platforms also need to be robust and efficient enough to provide good rapidity of order execution (this depends on both the trader interface and the broker’s server), including during periods of news release, when the forex platform as a whole may have to handle a large number of orders from different traders simultaneously.


Extended functionality for forex platforms

Demo accounts: available as a separate feature or built-in to the trader’s interface, demo accounts allow traders, whether new or experienced in forex, to try out different strategies in a virtual environment before investing money in them. Some platforms offer a “practice mode” for similar requirements.

Customizability: As traders become more familiar with a forex platform and more experienced in using different technical indicators, they may want to customize existing tools for their own purposes. Other customizing includes the possibility of writing scripts for automating actions on the platform, either to save time and effort or to react to a trigger condition in the trader’s absence.

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